Custom Proxy Commission

Commission cost for one card is $5. Each copy foil costs $5, and each copy nonfoil costs $3. If you want multiple different cards commissioned, fill out this form for each card individually.


Non-planeswalker, non-token cards will be made in the default version of the style selected. Planeswalkers can be commissioned in styles A, B, and C, and the Planeswalker version of that style will be used. Tokens can be commissioned in style A, and the Token version of that style will be used. Style E is intended for artifacts, although artifacts can be commissioned in any style.


If you have any questions about commissions or want to inquire about a special request, email me at


**The first "Quantity" box is the correct one, leave the one at the bottom at 1**

Custom Proxy Commission

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Proxies are not tournament legal cards. Only use in casual play where your playgroup allows them.